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Best best dna test y-dna vs. mtDNA vs. autosomal DNA

What’s The Difference? Y-DNA vs. mtDNA vs. Autosomal DNA Explained (+ Tips for Choosing the Right One)

One of the most important things to check when looking for a good DNA ancestry testing service is the type of DNA they actually test.  It makes a huge difference in the type and accuracy of information you can learn from the test.

There are 3 basic types of DNA tested by ancestry DNA tests today:

  1. paternal DNA (Y-DNA)
  2. maternal DNA (mtDNA) and,
  3. autosomal DNA (atDNA)

The right DNA test for you depends on the kind of information you want to glean from your test.

Let’s look at each type of test in a more detail – and the … Read the rest >>

It’s hard to say that this or that is the most accurate DNA test

Is Genetic DNA Testing Always Accurate? (Short Answer: No)

It’s not always that genetic DNA testing gives you all the answers you were seeking. More often than not it leaves you with even more questions than before and results that sometimes seem impossible.

It doesn’t matter which DNA testing service you use. It’s hard to say that this or that is the most accurate DNA test. They all operate within the limits of an imperfect science that is based on estimates.

Your genetic testing results are highly researched estimates based on rigorous testing and decades of research. But they are estimates nonetheless.

So, no, genetic DNA testing is not … Read the rest >>

Ancestry DNA online genetic DNA test

A Glossary For the Most Common Terms Used in Genetic Testing

Taking an online genetic DNA test as a beginner can be both exciting and frustrating at the same time.

Exciting because you get to learn something new about yourself and your heritage. Frustrating because understanding the results is not always easy.

Unless you are a seasoned genetic testing expert or hobbyist, you’ll probably not understand all the technical terms used in the report. This will keep you from getting the most out of it.

So I’ve put together this quick primer to help you understand the most commonly used words and terms in ancestry DNA testing.

You’ll come across them … Read the rest >>

Embark Pet DNA

Embark Pet DNA Test Review

Embark’s dog DNA test is often referred to as the 23andMe for dogs. The test provides the most comprehensive genetic health screening for dogs.

They also test for more than 150 purebreds to help you understand your dog’s history and ancestry makeup.

Embark DNA is one of the two biggest dog DNA test providers, the other being Wisdom Panel. While Wisdom Panel excels in breed identification, Embark does a significant job testing for genetic health conditions.… Read the rest >>

DNA My Dog

DNA My Dog Pet DNA Test Review

If you want to verify your dog’s breed and genetic makeup, we recommend Wisdom Panel 3.0 or 4.0.

If you want to screen your dog for genetic diseases, we recommend Embark.

But if you want the least-expensive, reliable dog DNA test, we recommend DNA My Dog.

This is Canadian-based pet DNA testing service sells a variety of dog DNA tests and health services.

In our dog DNA test buying guide, we weren’t big fans of DNA My Dog. We thought their breed DNA database was too small and their health testing service unhelpful.

But this … Read the rest >>

Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel 3.0 and 4.0 Pet DNA Test Review

Wisdom Panel 3.0 and 4.0 are two of the best dog DNA tests for breed identification.

If you need to know whether your dog is a purebred, a designer dog or a mixed breed, then Wisdom Panel the right choice.

Both of these tests – in addition to their newer Mixed Breed test – provide a comprehensive breed breakdown as well as a genetic health screening report for your dog.

Some of Wisdom Panel’s best features include:

  • Genetic health screening. Wisdom Panel 3.0 screens for MDR1 (Multi-Drug Resistance 1) while the 4.0 kit tests for both MDR1 and EIC
Read the rest >>
Home DNA tests that promise to recommend a diet based on your DNA

Seriously, Don’t Waste Your Money on Those Diet DNA Tests

Should I try a Paleo, Mediterranean or ketogenic diet? There is a history of heart disease in my family; should I worry about my salt intake? Why can’t I lose weight?

We all have pressing questions on our health and fitness that we’d give anything to have answered.

But we usually have to settle for vague estimations and sometimes no clear answers at all even from doctors.

Now, several new startups say they can answer these questions by analyzing your DNA.

The premise is simple. Pay for home DNA tests and we will study you gene variants to learn how … Read the rest >>

the 23andMe health test now tells you why you hate hearing certain normal sounds

Hate it When You Hear People Chew? 23andMe Can Help You Understand Why

The 23andMe health test report is packed full of helpful information about your genetic health risks. It also includes a wellness report that tells you how your genes influence your health.

But one of the most interesting parts of the test report is the traits analysis that predicts which traits you might develop or why you have certain traits.

The report can predict traits such as hair color, early hair loss for men, dimples and eye color.

Recently 23andMe added four new traits to their traits analysis for a total of 15.

Here are the four new traits.

Certain Sounds

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Family Tree DNA and MyHeritage provide their customers with chromosome browsers

What is a Chromosome Browser and What is It Used For in DNA Testing?

If you’ve been dabbling in genetic DNA tests, perhaps researched a bit about it or even taken a test yourself, you’ve probably heard of a chromosome browser.

What is it and is it important in DNA testing?

To answer the second part of the question, yes it is very important in DNA testing.

Specifically, it comes in handy during DNA match analysis. That is when you are trying to figure out how exactly your DNA matches are related to you and which ancestors you share.

To answer the first part of the question, a chromosome browser is a tool that … Read the rest >>

Dog DNA tests reveal dogs to be much closer to wolves than originally thought

How Much Of Your Dog’s DNA is Wolf? (Hint: Almost All of It)

Your dog is 99.9% wolf.

That might be hard to believe considering the gentle mannerisms and cute looks of some breeds. But most of the dog breeds you see today are as a result of artificial selection by humans.

The first German Shepherd for instance, dates back to one dog that lived just over 100 years ago in Germany.

But all dogs share a genetic history that goes back tens of thousands of years; all the way back to a now-extinct wolf species from which researchers theorize all dogs descended from.

Today, despite having tens of thousands of years to … Read the rest >>

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