Best Ancestry DNA Test for Researching Your Ethnicity (2019 Update)

Do You Want to Understand Your Ethnicity/Roots Using Your DNA?

  • Learn about your ancestors.
  • Trace their ancient migration routes.
  • Confirm your racial makeup and ethnicity.

I recommend The Genographic Project by National Geographic.

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Price: $199genogaphic project


Why The Genographic Project The Best Choice for Tracing Your Roots

First off, National Geographic’s global Genographic Project offers the most comprehensive ancient history DNA database on the market.

Using a custom-designed DNA test (provided by FamilyTreeDNA), the Genographic Project is specifically designed tell you who your ancestors were, where they lived and how they migrated across the globe. It will also tell you your racial and ethnic origins.

Unlike pure autosomal tests that can only trace relations back 5 or 6 generations, the Genographic Project profiles your family history as far back as 300,000 years.

The Genographic Project also offers a slick and easy-to-navigate user interface for browsing through your ancestry. It’s good enough to give classroom or family reunion presentations straight from your laptop or tablet.

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