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AncestryDNA Does The Right Thing & Pulls Controversial Ad

Popular DNA testing company AncestryDNA recently took down one of its ads after an intense online backlash.

It showed a white man asking a black woman named Abigail to run away with him to “the North.”

Critics took offense with’s supposed tone deafness to America’s convoluted black history.

The Controversy

Controversial Ad

The main source of controversy surrounds the ad’s theme.

It alleged that Abigail was in a romantic relationship with the white man, who even gives her a ring to suggest a marriage proposal. Some black commentators found the idea absurd.

They pointed out that interactions between white men … Read the rest >>

reasons for a dna test

Top Reasons to Get a DNA Test

On the fence about getting an ancestry or health DNA test? Here are five reasons to go for it.

1. It Will Tell You Plenty About your Ancestry and Ethnicity

How much do you know about your ancestors beyond the family stories you’ve heard and the family pictures you’ve seen?

The chances are that your knowledge goes only 2-3 generations back. Beyond that, it’s either a black hole or fuzzy details you can’t make head or tail of.

An ancestry DNA test can go further back, tracing your maternal or paternal lineage hundreds of years into the past.

An … Read the rest >>

Interesting Facts About DNA

5 Interesting Facts About DNA

DNA is one of the most exciting things we don’t yet fully know about.

It has helped us understand more about human history, opened up new opportunities in medicine, and led to a vast new consumer DNA testing industry.

Before you send your spit to 23andMe, how much do you know about this material that is present in virtually all living things?

For example, did you know that genes – the information contained within DNA–play a smaller role in genetic diseases than was once thought?

That’s something to think about as you get a health DNA test.

Here are five Read the rest >>

how can genetics help to predict diseases

How Accurate are DNA Tests at Identifying Health Risks?

Because this is such an important topic, I’ll start with the bottom line for those who want a quick answer before they order a DNA health test.

Consumer DNA tests, the kind you order online not the one you get at a hospital, are sometimes accurate at identifying health risks.

But they do not provide a full picture of your health, and sometimes, they can result in a false positive.

A DNA health test is useful if you are worried that there is a hereditary disease such as breast cancer running through your family. But do not act on … Read the rest >>

how can genetics help to predict diseases

Here’s What You Need to Know About Dog DNA Tests

Dog DNA tests have become just as popular as human DNA tests thanks to better and cheaper genome technology.

A dog DNA test can help you find out about your dog’s ancestry, breed mix, and physical traits. It can also predict which genetic diseases your dog is at risk of.

If you are thinking about having your dog’s DNA tested, here are the most important things you need to know.

1. All Dog Genes Have Been Sequenced

Back in 2003, the Human Genome Project was completed after 15 years.

Researchers had sequenced all the genes in human DNA. This greatly … Read the rest >>

Try a dog dna test

Is Your Dog’s Personality Rooted in DNA? YES, According to Science

Wondering if your dog’s personality is rooted in DNA? Indeed, science proves that a dog’s DNA plays a role in determining their nature. Each animal has distinct qualities that form character, and these have a link to their DNA.

Different companies offer DNA testing services for pets, and they help the owners in identifying the breeds of their dogs. If you want to gain better knowledge about your dog, a DNA test is the best method that can give you more details. Likewise, there are different dog breeds, and their personalities somehow differ.

Dogs that share ancestry also share many … Read the rest >>

Identical twins get DNA tested

Identical Twins Get Different DNA Test Results: What’s Going On?

How is it possible that identical twins have different DNA results? It is not only surprising but shocking as well. If you do not live close to identical twins, it can be challenging to identify them. It follows that identical twins have the same DNA.

The best way to learn about your DNA is to get a test. Nowadays, DNA tests for families are increasingly popular, and different companies offer services. These companies rely on large databases consisting of reference samples from previous customers upon which you can find matches.

A DNA test could help you to find family … Read the rest >>

23AndMe Have FDA Approval To Test For Colon Cancer

23AndMe Just Got Approved for A DNA Cancer Test

If you are attempting to learn more about your ancestry or ethnicity, DNA testing is the best option.  It also helps you to conduct other tasks like genealogy reporting and health screening. While many companies offer DNA testing, 23andMe’s ancestry test is renowned for genetic health screening services.

Some diseases are hereditary, and they pass through family generations that share the same genes. Doctors may need your DNA history to diagnose some of the conditions that are genetic which transfer through genes. For instance, DNA testing is increasingly gaining popularity as a method of screening certain diseases like cancer, … Read the rest >>

Native american totum pole

US Presidential Candidate Warren Apologizes for DNA Test

If you want to learn about your ancestry, you can order a DNA test from different service providers like, like 23AndMe,, and Family Tree. DNA test helps you to trace the origins of your ancestors, create a family tree as well as locate biological parents among other things. You can also use the test to find your relatives that you may not even know to exist.

For example, US presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren used a DNA test to prove her native America ancestry though she later apologizes. She used the test to try to distance herself from “Tribal … Read the rest >>

Family Tree DNA

Was Genesis Right? DNA Proves We All Come from 2 Ancestors

There are disagreements between the people who support the theory of evolution and those who support creationism. Some people particularly historians suggest that human beings evolved from apes over some time.

However, the book of Genesis in the bible tells us that in the beginning, God created Adam then Eve. A recent study according to the New Zealand Herald also suggests that the notion of creation “maybe” right. The study was conducted by David Thaler and Mark Stoeckle of the University of Basel in Switzerland.

According to the DNA study, all people are descendants of two people. In other words, … Read the rest >>

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