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Identical twins get DNA tested

Identical Twins Get Different DNA Test Results: What’s Going On?

How is it possible that identical twins have different DNA results? It is not only surprising but shocking as well. If you do not live close to identical twins, it can be challenging to identify them. It follows that identical twins have the same DNA.

The best way to learn about your DNA is to get a test.

Nowadays, DNA tests for families are increasingly popular, and different companies offer services. These companies rely on large databases consisting of reference samples from previous customers upon which you can find matches.

A DNA test could help you to find family links, … Read the rest >>

23AndMe Have FDA Approval To Test For Colon Cancer

23AndMe Just Got Approved for A DNA Cancer Test

If you are attempting to learn more about your ancestry or ethnicity, DNA testing is the best option.  It also helps you to conduct other tasks like genealogy reporting and health screening.

While many companies offer DNA testing, 23andMe is renowned for genetic health screening services.

Some diseases are hereditary, passing down through generations.

Doctors may need your DNA history to diagnose some of the conditions that are genetic which transfer through genes.

For example, DNA testing is increasingly gaining popularity as a method of screening certain diseases including cancer, asthma, diabetes, and others.

As such, 23andMe’s recent FDA Read the rest >>

Native american totum pole

US Presidential Candidate Warren Apologizes for DNA Test

If you want to learn about your ancestry, you can order a DNA test from different service providers like, like 23AndMe,, and Family Tree. DNA test helps you to trace the origins of your ancestors, create a family tree as well as locate biological parents among other things. You can also use the test to find your relatives that you may not even know to exist.

For example, US presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren used a DNA test to prove her native America ancestry though she later apologizes. She used the test to try to distance herself from “Tribal … Read the rest >>

Family Tree DNA

Was Genesis Right? DNA Proves We All Come from 2 Ancestors

There are disagreements between the people who support the theory of evolution and those who support creationism. Some people particularly historians suggest that human beings evolved from apes over some time.

However, the book of Genesis in the bible tells us that in the beginning, God created Adam then Eve. A recent study according to the New Zealand Herald also suggests that the notion of creation “maybe” right. The study was conducted by David Thaler and Mark Stoeckle of the University of Basel in Switzerland.

According to the DNA study, all people are descendants of two people. In other words, … Read the rest >>

ancestry dna coupon

Ancestry DNA Coupons: How to Save Money on Your Family DNA Test & Get the Best Discounts

Looking for AncestryDNA coupons and discounts?

The best place to find a good Ancestry DNA coupon is on their official website, You can see all their latest discounts and offers here.

There are plenty of coupon websites like Groupon that carru AncestryDNA coupons, but in all honesty they are usually the exact same discounts AncestryDNA provides on their website.

How Much Does AncestryDNA Cost?

AncestryDNA package

A decade ago, you had to pay thousands of dollars to get a DNA test.

Today, most test kit companies offer them for less than $100.’s autosomal DNA test normally goes for $99.… Read the rest >>

DNA tourism in europe

DNA Tourism Poised For Dramatic Growth in 2019

Wondering about how you can trace your family lineage and other relatives that you do not even know? Then DNA testing is the best solution that can help to unlock your puzzle.

If you are looking for the best family tree building tools, check out DNA test services with active communities on them like FTDNA or AncestryDNA.

Some people were adopted, and they can use services like FTDNA to trace their biological parents. Other people were also separated from their families as a result of factors like migration as well as conflicts. Many people now realize that they can … Read the rest >>

red wolf breeding using dna testing

Endangered Red Wolf DNA Found in Texas Stray Dogs

DNA testing helps people from different places to trace their family lineages. There are different types of DNA tests, and they rely on large databases consisting of details of other people. Ancestry DNA is ideal for people who want to find family matches.

The other notable aspect is that Ancestry DNA is also ideal for adopted people who can use it to find their biological parents. People can also trace the origins of their ancestors using available data to breakdown the regions to find perfect matches.

Likewise, canine DNA also resembles ancestry DNA in various respects. It can go a … Read the rest >>

Cold cases solved using DNA testing

DNA Genealogy Tests Made 2018 “The Year Of The Cold Cases”

There are different types of DNA tests, and they help the customers to learn about their ancestry as well as family lineages. Many people have distant relatives, but they do not know that they exist. As such, DNA helps many individuals to track down their relatives and create family trees.

The DNA companies have large databases, and their results are accurate in most cases. In the latest development, leading consumer DNA tests are helping the law enforcement agents to find closure to cold cases. For instance, in 2018, the detectives were able to locate suspects in about 28 cold cases … Read the rest >>

owner walking dog down the sidewalk

Tired of Cleaning Dog Poop, Apartment Uses DNA Test to Fine Pet Owners

DNA testing involves genetic science of identifying the breeds of dogs as well as diagnosing some hereditary diseases. There are different types of DNA test brands for pets which help the dog owners to trace and identify the breeders of their pets. DNA testing also helps to determine the current owner of a pet.

In the case of people who live in enclosed places like apartments, DNA testing can help solve issues related to recklessness among pet owners. Some people who live in these places often fail to honor up to the responsibility of cleaning after their dogs. Dog feces … Read the rest >>

murder case solved using DNA information

Ancestry DNA Used to Solve 50-year-old Harvard Student’s Murder

DNA testing plays a crucial role in helping people trace their family lineages. Apart from assisting people to discover their ancestry and create a link with their relatives, a DNA test can also help solve a crime. However, this can only be possible through the use of various datasets obtained from previous DNA results.

While DNA can be useful in solving criminal issues, specific implications can be involved. The other point is that there are different types of DNA tests available and various companies offer them. In solving a crime using DNA tests, privacy policies ought to get considered.


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