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owner walking dog down the sidewalk

Tired of Cleaning Dog Poop, Apartment Uses DNA Test to Fine Pet Owners

DNA testing involves genetic science of identifying the breeds of dogs as well as diagnosing some hereditary diseases. There are different types of DNA test brands for pets which help the dog owners to trace and identify the breeders of their pets. DNA testing also helps to determine the current owner of a pet.

In the case of people who live in enclosed places like apartments, DNA testing can help solve issues related to recklessness among pet owners. Some people who live in these places often fail to honor up to the responsibility of cleaning after their dogs. Dog feces … Read the rest >>

murder case solved using DNA information

Ancestry DNA Used to Solve 50-year-old Harvard Student’s Murder

DNA testing plays a crucial role in helping people trace their family lineages. Apart from assisting people to discover their ancestry and create a link with their relatives, a DNA test can also help solve a crime. However, this can only be possible through the use of various datasets obtained from previous DNA results.

While DNA can be useful in solving criminal issues, specific implications can be involved. The other point is that there are different types of DNA tests available and various companies offer them. In solving a crime using DNA tests, privacy policies ought to get considered.


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dna tests for white people

Are Ancestry DNA Tests More Accurate for White People? The Surprising Truth

There are various forms of DNA tests, but Ancestry DNA and 23andMe seem to be the most popular. It appears that ancestry DNA tests for white people are more detailed and comprehensive compared to other races. However, DNA testing is gaining significant popularity among people from all races who want to trace their family lineages.

DNA is also prevalent among people who want to gain knowledge about their ethnic identity. But, it seems the ancestry DNA tests are more favorable to people who are of European descent. The ethnicities mainly derived from data held by DNA companies show a bias Read the rest >>

man finds daughter using DNA

DNA Testing Helps Man Find His Daughter & They Spend The First Thanksgiving Together

Wondering if you will ever meet your biological father, who you have never seen since birth! He might be alive somewhere, but you do not know that. A DNA test is a viable option that can help you solve the mystery and find your parent.

In a recent true story that sounds like fiction, a man finds his daughter using DNA testing. The man from Verdi connected with his daughter through Ancestry DNA Testing. They spent the first Thanksgiving holiday together in 2018. The occasion also marked the first time Mucklows met as a complete family in Reno, Nevada.… Read the rest >>

how long for ancestry DNA results around 6-8 weeks

5 Ways How to Keep Researching as You Wait for Your DNA Results

How long for AncestryDNA results? You’ll be waiting for quite a while; around 6 to 8 weeks according to the company.

That excludes time spent shipping the sample kit to you and you shipping it back.

You may have to wait even longer during the holiday season when people take advantage of discounts to buy DNA tests or gift them to their friends and family.

It’s the same with most other companies including 23andMe and FTDNA.

Instead of anxiously wondering whether you have an unknown sibling or if you are really part Italian, here are 5 ways to keep up … Read the rest >>

Here’s how to properly take a FTDNA, AcestryDNA or 23andMe sample.

How to take a Proper DNA sample (Saliva and Cheek Swab)

There are two kinds of samples DNA testing companies ask for: a saliva/spit sample or a cheek/buccal swab.

Both are pretty easy to take and require no more than 5 minutes to take and secure the sample. But if you are not careful, you can mess up the sample resulting in unreliable or inconclusive results.

The company might send you a new kit for another sample, which means you’ll have to wait several more weeks for your results.

Here’s how to take each type of sample properly.

Note that these are just general tips. Your sampling kit will come with … Read the rest >>

23andMe, FTDNA and AncestryDNA, the three best DNA tests, all allow you to delete your DNA data

How to Delete Your DNA Data from 23andMe, FTDNA and AncestryDNA

23andMe, FTDNA and AncestryDNA, the three best DNA tests, all allow you to delete your DNA data. But it’s impossible to completely wiping out everything.

The main problem, as a Bloomberg journalist found out, is actually the law.

Most of these DNA testing companies do the testing in labs that meet standards set out in Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA).

CLIA requires that certified labs retain genetic test results for at least 10 years.

The data is anonymized but that doesn’t mean no one can trace it to you. Researchers have proven that it can be done. … Read the rest >>

Interesting Facts About DNA

How To Get a Free DNA Test Online

I’ll be straight with you. It’s very hard to get a free DNA test in the US.

Here’s why.

Testing DNA is a high-skill, high-tech, and time-consuming process. It has to be done in a specialized lab by trained and experienced technicians.

Take ancestry testing for example.

When a tube of spit or a cheek swab arrives at the lab, they have to extract your DNA first. They then amplify your DNA (copy it many times over) to prepare it for analysis.

The DNA is analyzed using a particular chip. The technicians study hundreds of thousands of locations … Read the rest >>

Ancestry DNA test

The Most Common Myths about Genetic Ancestry Testing Debunked

There are many things a lot of people misunderstand about online genetic testing for ancestry. We debunk the most common myths and misconceptions.

Myth: Ancestry DNA testing is expensive

DNA testing has gotten a lot cheaper compared to a decade ago. Most companies charge around $99 for an autosomal DNA test that helps you find unknown family members and track down your ancestry.

Y-DNA and mtDNA tests cost a bit more but they are still quite affordable.

Myth: I can pay for a DNA ancestry test using my insurance

Your DNA ancestry test has nothing to do with your health … Read the rest >>

23andMe health test

How DNA Health Testing Works (Plus Important Caveats)

As genetic health screening has gotten cheaper, more companies have taken the opportunity to provide affordable DNA testing to consumers.

These tests tell you which medical conditions you are at risk for because of your genetics.

If you are worried about Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s because it’s in your family, a DNA health test is a good place to start.

23andMe is currently the biggest provider of online FDA-approved DNA health tests (read our full review of the 23andMe health test).

But how exactly does genetic health screening work? Most importantly, can you trust what it tells you?

What Happens

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