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DNA Tourism Poised For Dramatic Growth in 2019

Wondering about how you can trace your family lineage and other relatives that you do not even know? Then DNA testing is the best solution that can help to unlock your puzzle.

If you are looking for the best family tree building tools, check out DNA test services with active communities on them like FTDNA or AncestryDNA.

Some people were adopted, and they can use services like FTDNA to trace their biological parents. Other people were also separated from their families as a result of factors like migration as well as conflicts. Many people now realize that they can trace their families through DNA testing, and there are many advantages of using the service.

DNA testing makes it easier than before to trace the family tree and make a great journey to your roots. Ancestry DNA, for example, has the most extensive database, and it can give you accurate results. As such, DNA tourism is likely to grow dramatically in 2019, as many people are turning to DNA testing to locate their relatives.

How DNA Travel Is Gaining Prominence

People now have a proper understanding of where they come from and who they are, thanks to DNA testing services.  Armed with information about their original roots, many people are flocking to their homelands in large numbers.

Many people are now able to trace their ancestral families through DNA testing, which also helps them to locate their homelands. As a result, DNA tourism is the new form of travel given that many people have an appetite to visit the homes of their ancestors.

DNA technology is getting more accessible and cheaper, and it is for this reason that many people are using it. In the past, the use of DNA technology was not widespread due to limited service providers. Constant technological developments in new communication technology also mean that people have the right information at their fingertips.

The other aspect is that many people used to learn about their family history through information passed from one generation to the other. Some individuals would even visit museums to learn about different cultures across the globe. However, this method of learning about their origins was not as reliable as new DNA technology.

The new DNA technology is accurate, and it compels many individuals to visit their ancestral homeland to have a feel about it. Many travel companies are also seeing a unique business opportunity in the emerging trend of individual travel.

DNA tours in europe

Travel Companies Adopting The New Trend

A lot of travel companies are joining the trend where they tailor guided DNA trips. For example, Ahead Tours’ Hauck works closely with ancestry.com to develop small evolving tours to Europe. These tours come complete with an-on-board genealogist as well as DNA testing.

The individuals going for a guided DNA tour can immensely benefit from the genealogist on-board. He provides travelers with the information they need about their family lineages. Many people seem to be warming up to the idea of walking in the homeland of their ancestors. Ancestry.com together with travel companies are ready to assist.

Therefore, a guided DNA trip is ideal for individuals who are kin on learning first-hand information about their families. Ancestry has genealogists who have been in the business of taking people to different parts of the globe where they can link with their relatives.

The idea of promoting visits to different people’s homelands makes them feel complete and important. Some individuals read about the history of their ancestors, but their story is never whole without visiting their homes.

The family heritage themed trips are advantageous in that they cut costs if they involve many families. Super-customized trips can cost tens of thousands of dollars for a family to go to a specific place for the extended tour.

The most popular destinations for DNA tours include Italy, Ireland, Scotland and Germany. Many people have family links in these destinations, but they may experience challenges in working out travel logistics. DNA tours work perfectly well for the people who are interested in visiting the homelands of their ancestors.

How Does DNA Tour Works?

When you want to go for a DNA tour, there are different things that you should know. The experience starts by ordering a DNA test kit. When the results come, you get about five hours for one-on-one personalized discussion with a professional genealogist.

The genealogist compiles research for each traveler together with reading material ahead of the trip. The content will help you grasp different elements about the journey along with the history of your family. The genealogist also helps you to use the research during the trip.

The advantage of traveling with a group is that you will meet people who have interests in the same place. In some instances, travelers can discover their relatives during the tour. The other important thing is that the people in the group have a lot of knowledge about different things.

It is crucial that you share as many details as possible with these people since this can help you to learn more things from the tour. During the trip, you also get the opportunity to visit significant sites such as street, school or hospital. You can even visit a cemetery or homestead to get a good feel about the origins of your ancestors.

The DNA tour includes up to 26 people by bus, and you should make sure that you have the right mindset. Ideally, you embark on this tour specifically for learning purposes so you should ensure you stick to the core reason of the trip.

It is also vital that you avoid certain mishaps that can happen along the trip. Get on board with others when the bus is leaving to avoid a disappointing scenario where you miss the bus. You should also try to make an effort to pay attention to the interpreter so that you do not lose essential details.

You can use the first trip to plan for a proper journey when you manage to identify your relatives. A group DNA tour gives you the opportunity to learn different things that can guide you when you decide to visit again.

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