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Tired of Cleaning Dog Poop, Apartment Uses DNA Test to Fine Pet Owners

DNA testing involves genetic science of identifying the breeds of dogs as well as diagnosing some hereditary diseases. There are different types of DNA test brands for pets which help the dog owners to trace and identify the breeders of their pets. DNA testing also helps to determine the current owner of a pet.

In the case of people who live in enclosed places like apartments, DNA testing can help solve issues related to recklessness among pet owners. Some people who live in these places often fail to honor up to the responsibility of cleaning after their dogs. Dog feces scattered on the apartment grounds make the area unsightly, and it is unhygienic.

A particular apartment uses DNA to punish renters who are reckless and fail to clean the clean up the poop by their pets. The DNA testing is an easy way of identifying the owner of the pet if he does not remove its poop. There are many reasons why it is essential to take stringent measures against reckless pet owners.

Problem With Dog Poop

In Minnesota, there is an apartment where there are 56 dogs that live there, and the population is just too big. Under normal circumstances, every dog produces poop, and the frequency differs according to breed and other factors. Some people may want to take advantage of numbers and neglect their duty to remove poop by their dogs from the grounds.

Even if a single person does not clean after his dog, the effect is undesirable. Dog feces on the grounds of the apartment complex create a filthy environment characterized by a lousy smell. The bacteria from dog droppings can also cause a terrible impact on the environment.

All tenants who own dogs know that they have a responsibility to clean up their poop. Such a scenario can make the place unpleasant to stay, and other people may end up shunning it. It is better to be tough on people who are irresponsible than to compromise the safety and peace of other residents.

The issue of environmental safety is of great concern to all tenants including those who do not own pets. In one dog dropping, there are more than three billion bacteria. In the long run, the bacteria can find its way to water sources like lakes and rivers which can pose a health hazard to many people.

Some people can be stubborn and leave the feces knowing that some concerned residents will clean the place. It is not fair to involve other innocent people to perform tasks that should not be theirs. It is also important to hold everyone responsible for their dogs in a smart way such as DNA testing.

clean up after walking your dog

DNA Testing

DNA testing can be a viable way of combating recklessness among dog owners who do not pick the droppings of their dogs. According to the manager of the apartment, dog poop found on the ground is sent for DNA testing. It is not the dog’s fault but the owner who is irresponsible. A pet is under the custody of the owner who should ensure that it does not mess around the place.

Managers at different apartments now believe that DNA testing is a smart way that can help identify the pet owner. Under the new policy, all the feces left on complex grounds will be sent to a Poo Prints Company that will conduct the DNA testing. Then the apartment uses the DNA results to fine renters. The new initiative is smart in that it does not involve everyone within the compass.

The DNA test results usually take between seven to ten business days, and like any other test, accuracy is high. The companies that specialize with dog testing have databases with details about various dogs and their owners. Dog breeders are compelled by law to submit swabs to help capture the details of their pets. Breeders specialize in different species, and they also support the owners to trace them should they encounter problems with their dogs.

The owners are also encouraged to encourage their dogs so that they can be easy to trace. DNA tests are also necessary for every stage of the dog’s life. The owners can also use the details of their dogs to treat certain diseases. Apart from these other benefits, DNA test helps to identify the owner of the dog.

Penalties For Offenders

Management at different apartments proposes various penalties that range from $200 to about $450 for first and second offenses. For simply failing to pick up dog poop, the punishment is deterrent enough to the would-be offenders. Some people are just arrogant, so heavy fines toward offenders can be useful in solving the problem in different apartments.

A third offense could lead the management to find other means of living arrangements of the offender and the pet. The results of the policy, in the long run, can be positive as everyone will be forced to cooperate and comply with the new regulation. Some people seem not to care about the welfare of the other individuals, and this is not good.

So far the apartment staff has sent four samples for testing. The move will contribute toward the cleanliness of the property. It will also bring satisfaction to all residents across the board since they will be living in a clean environment. People who are fond of pets should avoid impacting on the welfare of other tenants who want to live in peace.

However, some tenants believe that the process of dog DNA testing is complicated and costly. Each Poo Print tests costs about $82, and other tenants feel that the move is excessive. These people would instead suggest that other methods like surveillance cameras around the apartment grounds can work better.

All the same, the majority of people believe that DNA testing can stop the mess from happening once and for all. Other people need to learn the essence of living peacefully with others in a harsh way. Therefore, DNA testing may not be a bad idea.

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