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Was Genesis Right? DNA Proves We All Come from 2 Ancestors

There are disagreements between the people who support the theory of evolution and those who support creationism. Some people particularly historians suggest that human beings evolved from apes over some time.

However, the book of Genesis in the bible tells us that in the beginning, God created Adam then Eve. A recent study according to the New Zealand Herald also suggests that the notion of creation “maybe” right. The study was conducted by David Thaler and Mark Stoeckle of the University of Basel in Switzerland.

According to the DNA study, all people are descendants of two people. In other words, Genesis was right to claim that all people came from two ancestors. If you want to trace your ancestors or find other family matches, DNA testing can give you accurate results.

DNA Testing

Different types of genetic genealogy tests can help you with ancestry and Family research. The companies that offer DNA testing services rely on huge databases consisting of results from various people. Therefore, it is rare to fail to get a close match from the data available from different companies.

In their study, Thaler and Stoeckle support the biblical notion of creationism. The researchers examined “genetic barcodes” of more than five million animals representing more than 100,000 species, including humans.

Mitochondrial DNA

The researchers based their study on the barcodes that are tiny bits of DNA that come from the living cells’ mitochondria. Thus, mitochondrial DNA constitutes the little circular chromosome that is inside mitochondria. The mitochondrial DNA and mitochondria can only pass to the offspring from the mother through the egg.

DNA molecule

When you analyze our mitochondrial DNA, there is very little genetic diversity among human beings. Mitochondrial DNA is a genetic code that is directly passed to us from our mothers. It does not mix with our nuclear DNA, which makes it possible to trace a maternal ancestral line that is direct.

According to Thaler and Stoeckle’s study, every human’s mitochondrial DNA has a direct link to the same person. The authors also state that about 90% species on earth are products of the founding pairs that later gave birth to the offspring.

Without taking breeding into account, the first species on earth lived between 100,00 years and 200,000. The study suggests that the first animals and humans were created almost during the same period.

The researchers concluded that their findings “support” the hypothesis that all human beings are descendants of two adults. According to the Herald, these two adults lived between 100,000 to 200, 000 years ago. Adam and Eve are believed to belong to this generation, and they are the great ancestors of humanity. The Genesis book in the bible states that these two were the first human beings to live on earth.

Downside Of Barcoding

On a different note, Michael Marshal, a science journalist believes that DNA coding is not the best method of identifying species. However, he notes in his Forbes article that the technique works well. In other words, the method is good but not perfect to give a reliable conclusion.

Marshal states that mitochondrial DNA consists of some drawbacks in outlining conclusions. The primary challenge is that the method involves only one gene, so the results may have some limitations.

The New Zealand Herald states that the real mystery pertains to the aspect of how the human population had to restart. The last known event of extinction took place over 65 million years ago during the period of dinosaurs. The scenario can bring us to the question of whether humans die out then restart again.

Results Not Very Conclusive

The findings of Thaler and Stoeckle’s study are not very clear according to Marshal, a science journalist. Many elements of “speciation” are complicated according to the researchers. The aspect of mitochondrial DNA, for instance, comprises of just a smaller percentage of our genetic material.

As such, the DNA testing method can give misleading results that do not reflect the actual reality on the ground. A good example is from the sequencing of Neanderthal mitochondrial DNA. It did not show any link of interbreeding between modern humans and Neanderthals.

However, the nuclear genome showed some evidence of interbreeding between the homo species. This kind of scenario raises some questions about the reliability of mitochondrial DNA for tracing the origins of humanity. It heavily relies on a single gene.

Marshal also argues that the window period between 100,000 to 200, 000 years in Thaler and Stoeckle’s study is meaningless. There is no real reason to believe that there was a massive catastrophe that wiped out the entire population, then leaving Adam and Eve only.

Marshal’s other point is that Thaler and Stoeckle’s study is not consistent with archeological records. There were fossils believed to be from human species that were uncovered in 2017 and are supposed to be more than 300, 000 years old. If we are to consider these records, then Adam and Eve are not the first people to live on earth.

The fossil records show that there were people who lived on earth several years back before Adam and Eve as claimed in the study. The other issue is that the fossil record shows that there was a split between humans and Neanderthals about 500,000 years ago. It is possible to argue using this data that the human species has that age.

It is also challenging to point when a species becomes new. However, Thaler and Stoeckle’s study shows some light about the origins of humanity. The theory of evolution does not have strong support of the fossils that show the actual process.

Though the conclusion of the study in the New Zealand Herald is not perfect, it somehow supports the idea of creation. DNA testing is the only scientific way that can help us to trace our origins.

For instance, bar coding through mitochondrial DNA shows that we are descendants of Eve, the first women on earth. She lived together with Adam, and the book of Genesis in the bible “might” be right that Adam and Eve are the first people on earth.

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