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DNA Testing Helps Man Find His Daughter & They Spend The First Thanksgiving Together

Wondering if you will ever meet your biological father, who you have never seen since birth! He might be alive somewhere, but you do not know that. A DNA test is a viable option that can help you solve the mystery and find your parent.

In a recent true story that sounds like fiction, a man finds his daughter using DNA testing. The man from Verdi connected with his daughter through Ancestry DNA Testing. They spent the first Thanksgiving holiday together in 2018. The occasion also marked the first time Mucklows met as a complete family in Reno, Nevada.

The story of the Mucklow family is pleasantly surprising and too good to believe. It all started when Micah Mucklow decided to sign up on Ancestry DNA to discover more details about his heritage. A highly likely match popped up just like a miracle. Micah discovers Adryen, a sister; he has never met.

Micah is a son to Paul Mucklow who informs the father about the existence of his sister. Fortunately, the father quickly remembers the incident, but he was not aware that it led to the birth of a baby girl. The baby was conceived in the 1970s when Paul was at a business college in the Salt Lake City. Paul says it was a one night encounter and he later moved away from the city but unknown to him, the lady was pregnant.

On the other hand, Adryen had been searching for her biological father her whole life. Ancestry DNA helped to solve her mystery as she found her biological father through another sibling, Micah. All members of the Mucklow family did not doubt that Adryen was their sibling from the first time they met her the resemblance was there.

DNA Testing

DNA testing discovers sister

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) is a genetic material which contains a code of life, and each cell of a human being includes the same DNA code. However, each has a unique DNA code which is used to identify them together with their children. Each person gets a unique DNA code from the biological parents in equal amounts.

As such, if you want to prove the true identity of your biological parent, you can go for either paternity or maternity DNA testing. Paternity test determines whether a man is the biological father of the person in question. On the other hand, the maternity test establishes if the woman is the biological mother of the person involved.

The DNA testing is the most advanced technology used to determine the paternity or maternity of a person. The accuracy of the technology in assessing the parentage of an individual is very high and almost 100 percent. Many people who are interested in finding their biological parents can go for DNA testing.

It is becoming increasingly comfortable during the current period to use online matches to trace your parents and other relatives. It is possible that you may have many relatives, but you do not know that they exist. The other issue is that adopted people may not know that their biological parents may be still alive until they go for a DNA test.

Types of DNA Tests

There are different types of DNA tests, but the major three include Family tree DNA, Ancestry DNA, and 23andMe. The prices range from about $69, but one thing for real is that these DNA tests are packaged to suit all your needs. The matches depend on the results of other people already tested, and you can find this information from the company databases. It is rare for someone to fail to see matches from the vast databases of companies that offer DNA testing.

Family tree DNA is best for people who want to trace their maternal and paternal lines. If you are interested in finding matches from your mother’s or father’s side, this test will give you accurate information. Genealogists can also use this DNA test to conduct various researches about different health issues.

Ancestry DNA boasts of a more extensive database, and it is excellent for people who want to find family matches. The company offers a regional breakdown such that you can search for distant relatives in other regions. You can search for ethnicity matches from more than 350 areas. This particular test is ideal for individuals who want to find their biological families in case of adoption.

23andMe comes second to Ancestry DNA regarding finding family matches. The company has an extensive database, and it is good for people who want to trace their ethnicities. The company covers more than 150 regions, and it widens your chances of finding perfect family matches. You can also use the test to trace the origins of your ancestors.

What Is The Best DNA Test to Find Biological Family?

Ancestry DNA is probably the best test that can lead you to your biological parents as illustrated by the story of Micah Mucklow. He signed for an Ancestry DNA to find out more information about his heritage. On the one hand, Adryen was also on the same platform trying to look for her biological father.

Indeed it was a pleasant surprise when she found a ‘highly likely match,’ and it was her biological father. The Mucklow family immediately realized that Adryen was one of them when they first met her during the Thanksgiving holiday. Paul, the father, says that Adryen looked more like her mother concerning mannerisms and other physical features.

Over and above, DNA testing is the only viable way you can use to find your family matches instead of relying on oral evidence passed through generations. DNA companies use comprehensive databases with millions of matches that you can use to link with your relatives.

As illustrated in the story of the Mucklow family above, it is possible to trace your biological parents using Ancestry DNA. There are high chances that DNA test results are accurate since they rely on huge databases. If you want to trace your family lineage, you can register for DNA testing online.  You can also search for your relatives using the same platform, and the results are accurate.

Here is another story with a similar happy ending, two sisters adopted at a young age find each other after 42 years.


Source: Humankind

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